Church of Panagia Kosmosotira

The Monastery Panagia Kosmosotira is located in Feres town, on the southeast part of the Prefecture of Evros, beside the homonymous river. The monastery was built in 1151-52 AD by Isaac Komninos, son of Emperor Alexios Komninos. The paintings that have survived until nowadays can be found in the center of the temple. They are the icons of four military saints who have been identified with individuals of the Komninos family. Around Katholikon you will see the cells and the baths of the monks, the Bank, the Library, the bell tower and the water tank.

The foundation of the monastery was the reason of the creation of a new settlement in the area, Vira (currently known as Feres). The inhabitants were mainly farmers, working for the monastery. The Monastery Panagia Kosmosotira is the pilgrimage center of the Thracians as Virgin Kosmosotira has been proclaimed their patroness.