Evros is one of the largest prefectures in Greece. It is situated in the northernmost part of Greece with Evros River being the natural border with Turkey to the east and Bulgaria to the north. The Rhodope mountain range lies in the west and the southwest, while it faces the Aegean Sea to the south. 

Alexandroupolis is the capital of Evros and the main gateway between East and West. Most travellers arrive here in transit heading east to Turkey, or to catch ferries to Samothraki or the Dodecanese islands. However, the city is a good base for exploring the interesting and beautiful surrounding area. It is located very close to Dadia, a very important archaeological site, the Delta of Evros River and the spa of Traianoupolis. Also, many seaside and mountainous villages with unique natural beauty can be reached from here.
Samothraki, an island of the north Aegean, is a municipality within the Evros regional unit of Thrace. The island is mostly mountainous and remains one of the last truly virgin islands of Greece. Small picturesque villages, physical beauty, forests with Mediterranean vegetation and running water, and virgin shores, compose an especially impressive landscape and an ideal destination for those who love nature.